CZ Stone Pendant Set with Chain
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CZ Stone Pendant Set with Chain

Pendant Set with Chain

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Add a subtle classy appeal to your look with this gorgeous pensent set from This pendant set comes with a chain included. This pendant design comes with a large, semi-transparent white stone wrapped whimsically in vines of gold. Smaller, white diamond-like stones are encrusted along the gold vines and binding. The chain that accompanies one of the pendants is gold and pretty thing, making sure that eyes are drawn mainly to the pendant in the set. Whimsical and romantic is probably the best way to describe the design and style of this pendant set. And the easy color scheme of gold and transparent (white) stones makes it suitable for any kind of outfit.

Care Tip Keep it away from dust and sprays/perfumes for long life.
Product Pendant Set
Sets Necklace & Earring Set
Size 16-18 Inches
Colour Golden
Material Alloy
Style Modern/Contemporary

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