Baahubali Wonderful Designer Necklace Set
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Baahubali Wonderful Designer Necklace Set

Designer Necklace Set

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Pearls, rubies, and gold balls! Considering the absolutely wonderful pieces used to make up the design of this designer necklace set, there should be no question as to why you need to own this piece of jewelry. White and red have always been a classically beautiful combination, and this necklace set carries it off with aplomb with its stylish combination of rubies and pearls. And then, like the crowning statement, gold balls finish this necklace atop the rubies. The accompanying earrings, of course, follow the same design patters. An altogether, this designer necklace set makes an utterly smashing combo!

Care Tip Keep it in a safe box and don't let it come in contact with perfume.
Product Necklace Set
Sets Necklace & Earring Set
Size 16 - 18 Inch
Colour Red
Material Alloy
Style Ethnic

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